Box Sizes Chart

Shaker Oval Boxes

Cherry bands with Birdseye or Cherry tops. Also available Black Walnut bands with Birdseye or Black Walnut tops.  Sizes 9 through 12 available as special order.

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Traditional handmade Shaker boxes, available as single items and in matched sets, have a multitude of uses. You can store food, condiments, jewelry, garden tools and sewing kits in them, or use as an attractive gift box.

These versatile woodenware pieces can also be used for holding keys, iPods, paper clips, stamps or business cards. Shaker boxes, a unique giftware item, come in sizes 0-12 and are built to last, made of durable cherry or maple.

Hand crafted with the same methods used by the Shakers 300 years ago, the boxes feature tapered lap joints secured by brass tacks and wooden pegs. This allows the box to expand or contract with changes in humidity. The snug-fitting lids are made of cherry or Birdseye Maple. 


All Things Shaker

Whether used as a collectible, as giftware or for storage, our Shaker boxes, trays and carriers are unique additions to any home. Matched sets are available.