Wow!  It's alive.  My web developer and his team always said I'd be the one slowing down the process...My mother always said I should learn to listen better...they were both right.

Kudos to bkj Productions out of Melrose, Massachusetts for getting this put together in spite of me.

I hope you find the website informative and that you can settle into a shopping habit with us - after all I am pursuing this as a business not just a way to stay out of trouble - contrary to what might be said by family and friends. 

Last year was exciting.

  • I made too much dust (way too much!) and had to move the workshop out of the basement.
  • I found space and moved into the Waumbec mill in Manchester.
  • I built "a couple" boxes and settled in....abondoning a reasonable business plan and charging head first into the fray. 

This year has been a whole lot more exciting.

  • Lots of new equipment.
  • Lots of wood and more on the way.
  • Wholesale shows (and now wholesale customers!)
  • A web page/e-commerce site...this has been a much more "interesting" experience than anticipated.  I was warned, I just failed to internalize what I was being told.
  • Somewhat of a return to sanity as I'm back dusting off the business plan, developing measurements, milestones, etc.

I will try to keep you all updated monthly on what happens here in the mill.  And occasionally some updates as to specials and new offerings.


Watch the Boxmaker's Choice area of the site for seconds that are available as well as more limited production boxes and other products.  I've got some nice Black Walnut and some Spalted Maple that given a few moments to get organized and get started could turn into some pretty special offerings.  I paired the Black Walnut with Birdseye Maple for a limited edition Mother's day run, its even nicer than I had anticipated. 


Look for me (and maybe others) at Festivel Fete in Rhode Island, the Philadelphia Gift Show, and perhaps some other shows on the east coast. 



Written by Keith Griffith — February 09, 2012

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