A quick reminder: -  Wedding season s upon us.  Since starting the business in 2010 I've offered a size #6 box as a "wedding box".  My understanding is that this was about the biggest the Shaker's would have made and when doe especially nice (or fancy)it would have been a special box to hold memories and mementoes of the day.  I have a limited supply of these in various configurations (available next week - after the finish dries).  If you've got an August wedding coming up, give us a call soon - the production calendar is currently booked through the first week of August so if I don't have it already made an August delivery could be a challenge. 


Wow!  It's July and I'm just recuperating from a humid, stormy 4th of July spent on the Amherst NH town green.  For the last 4 years, I spend a half day o July 4th demonstrating how Shaker oval boxes are made on the town green of my hometown.  Well, it threatened to rain.  And then it really came down in buckets, what a storm!!!  Things were cut short due to the rain but as always it was a great time out on the green. 


This year I offered my retail customers on the town green several specials that I've decided to extend to the websiteSpe


Special #1:  through August 15, 2014 - 20% off orders of all standard products offered on the web.  We'll ask for 50% payment at time of order and then build the product for you.  We're a small operation but we'll guarantee delivery by November 15th.  Think of this as Christmas (or Hanukah) in July!  Get your gift shopping done early - even if it's for yourself. 


Special #2: Order a Quilter's box by August 15, 2014 and also get a FREE size #2 matching oval box to hold your sewing notions (a$50+ value!).  Again, delivery is guaranteed by November 15th. 


Special #3: Order a Tailgate box by August 15th and get 8 napkin rings for FREE (a $40 value!!).  And again, delivery is guaranteed by November 15th. 


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Written by Keith Griffith — July 13, 2014

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